Ground stack system for LED displays

SPLFT is a modular system combining a steel base, 29 cm truss with perpendicular crossbars (known as a ladder truss) and a multi-connection plate capable of connecting to any LED screen. It is equipped with 2 adjustable spindles at the front of the base and one at the back, which allow perfect balancing of the LED screen in combination with the built-in spirit level. As it is a modular system, it allows adjustment for different configurations of LED screens with different heights and widths. The arm connecting the truss to the LED display includes a side clamp which is attached to the multi-connection plate by means of an extendable aluminium tube with a side of 40 mm.

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  • With levelling spindles.
  • Multi-connection board for LED display.
  • Truss in staircase.
  • Extendable arm with side clamp.


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